Thursday, February 3, 2011

Want to translate a single word without leaving the android browser ?
Want to translate any word with just one tap ?
Tap-translate can do this and much more:  
it can translate without switching applications or sites.
Just tap any word on any web page and you will instantly get a bubble with the translation.
Want to translate the whole paragraph? No problem, simply click the bubble to see the paragraph translation.
Tap-Translate identifies the language of your text and automatically translates it into your language.
No more manual typing!
No need to leave your browser!
Just tap and tap-trranslate will do the work for you.
You are just one tap away from enjoying this easy to use, yet powerful, application...


  1. Why Tap Translate can´t be installed on my Samsung Galaxy Mini? It comes with Android 2.3.

    I´ll wait for a new version of Tap Translate that support my mobile phone.

  2. This potentially is a very useful app. I bought it, but I cannot get it to work. What is the 'official android browser'? I have an SGS2, and I suppose that it's default browser is the Samsung browser. But I cannot find an 'official Android Browser' in the market, so where could I get it?

    The installation instructions are rather sparse. When you say choose installation language, is that the language to translate from or into?

    This was quite expensive for an app. I'd like to have a reply, please, by way of some kind of support. At the moment, I have an App that does not work.

  3. The lite version on iTunes is the same price as your full version for tap-translate...

  4. My tap translate is not working anymore. What possibly have happened?

  5. I just paid and installed this app but a pop me tell me 'Error: Not Found. The requested URL /tap-translate-home.html was not found on this server.' This app charged me money but ridiculous. Anyone can solve this for me?

  6. Doesn't work on my iPhone. I want my money back.

    "The requested URL /tap-translate Was not found"

  7. The app could not be downloaded and installed. Many customers has the same problems and complaints. I recommend you should fix this problem first instead of leave it alone and make the customers angry after purchasing the product. If you can't fix it, just make it of stock. Thank you.